"What would it have been like if C.S. Lewis had written an episode of the Twilight Zone that healed the wounded soul? I don't have to wonder too hard; because I have just read something that might come very close to it. And it was written by my good friend James Andrew. I highly recommend you get a copy; and hitch a ride in this imaginative story with the main character Chris--along with the enchanting 'Mister' and 'Missus'--on a station-wagon journey out from brokenness and loss and into redemption."

Greg Allen

Pastor, Professor at Multnomah University

On a journey WEST, one man will be changed forever.

Christopher Wilks is ill-equipped for the mind-bending journey he’s about to undertake.

Hitching a ride in a strange fifties-era station wagon driven by an even stranger couple of elderly eccentrics he calls 'The Mister and Missus', Christopher finds his life unwinding along with the countless miles. 

James Andrew’s WEST straps the reader in for a thrill ride through landscapes both painfully real, and wildly fantastical.

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What People Say About WEST

“WEST is a story that made me re-think themes from my own past, and then remember my personal narrative through the eyes of grace and redemption. It opened a door to discuss ideas that I often overlooked in my busyness, yet are some of the greatest gifts we've been given to make our way through life. WEST took me on a journey that examined my own purpose and the life I'm living.”

Heather Braker

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About the author

James Andrew

Artist, architectural and product designer and sometimes writer, James Andrew lives and works on Hayden Island on the Columbia River in Portland, Oregon. WEST was written during the long hospitalization of his wife Irene who’s been faced with the challenge of recovering from several disabling strokes.

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